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Colette ‎ - Mar 19, 2012
I had a leaky pipe in my upstairs bathroom leaking down in to my basement. It was later in the day and I was unsure I would be able to get it fixed before my basement completely flooded. I called Peach Plumbers and they came out that day, no problem. They were very friendly and were able to fix the problem quickly and efficiently. I have not had any more problems with the leak. To top it off, they were very affordable, much more so than the other big companies I had called who also wanted me to wait until the next day for service. Will definitely use again!! 

Robbie_Atl ‎ - Mar 18, 2012
I had a main water line break in my yard and I called Peach Plumbers Inc. They were very fast and within 30 minutes of my call they showed up. They gave me an excellent quote for the job! They were very professional, very knowledgable, and very honest. I am so glad that there is a plumbing company that is so reliable as Peach Plumbing Inc. If I ever have any plumbing issues, they will definitely be the first ones I call, without a doubt. Give them a try, and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. 

Andrina ‎ - Mar 14, 2012
I have used these guys multiple times. Whether it's an urgent type of situation or just a simple request, I have always trusted that things will get done perfectly and in a very timely manner. They are extremely knowledgable and provide their customers with great advice with every situation. My family and friends have used them and always call to thank me for the referral because of how happy they are with the job that was done. For us, this company is the only one we are willing to call on for all of our plumbing related needs. 

Emma B.
Alpharetta, GA

Peach Plumbing was recommended to us by a family member. I called Peach first thing in the morning when our water heater stopped working and Alex was at our house by early afternoon. The problem was minimal, and he was able to fix it quickly and did not charge us a dime. Peach Plumbing will definitely be our go to plumber going forward. 

Alex A.
Roswell, GA

We are so happy with the service we received from Peach Plumbing. They have provided multiple services for us and each time everything was done so well. Our water heater started to rust, Alex suggested that we replace it. We decided to wait a little while longer until one day our water started coming out brown. We immediately called Alex and even though we didn't want to rush him, he insisted that he will come out right away to replace our water heater. He did that and also installed a filter for the entire house. Recently we decided to switch our electric stove to gas. He came over, cut out a larger hole in our counter, ran the gas line through our crawl space and installed and connected the stove. He cleaned up the mess and was out in no time. Whether it's larger jobs like these or smaller ones like replacing a faucet, we would always call Peach Plumbing. Thank you for all that you do and for your great service.

Irina B.
Kennesaw, GA

When I get good service, I always want to make sure to let others know about it. It's tough to find people you can trust these days to not only do a good job but be professional and provide great continuing service. We started to notice that our toilets were running constantly. This was so irritating because they would wake us up throughout the night and our water bill went up. Then our shower started to leak so we replaced the shower head and shortly after it started again. We called Peach Plumbing and within minutes Alex was able to identify the problem. He replaced the Pressure Reducing Valve and the problem never returned. The worst part was when we had a leak in the yard. He was here immediately after we called them, and fixed the main water line. They provide such great quality of service and always follow up to make sure everything is still working well. We keep their card on our fridge for any future plumbing needs.

Lori D.
Kennesaw, GA

The best!!! Alex came out to our house today within an hour of me calling. The toilet was leaking badly and he completed the repair in about 30 minutes. This is the 3rd time we have used Peach Plumbing (kitchen sink back-up & broken hose spout, previously). The service has always been reliable, reasonably priced, and same day. I would reccomend this company to everyone I know and will definitely use for any and all future plumbing needs.

Evan M.
Atlanta, GA

I had to post a review on my recent experience with Peach Plumbing! I recently had them come out to fix a shower and a sink. When Alex was done he told me to call him if I had any problems. About a week later I heard my upstairs toilet running all night. I called Alex the next day and he scheduled an appointment to come out to look at it. He quickly determined the problem and within 15minutes it was fixed. He explained how minor it was, tested it and waited to see if it would start running again. I'm sure the work was perfect because the previous work he did was excellent. Being a first time home owner, I am always nervous when something needs to be fixed, but I am glad I won't have to worry about who to call for plumbing 

Marisa M.
Atlanta, GA

I wish I called Peach Plumbing two months earlier than I did. I was worried about the often overly gouged cost associated with fixing plumbing issues but my water bill was drastically increasing each month so I had to do something. I originally called another company found on Yelp but he was out of town and gave me the number to Peach. I am SO glad he did. Alex was very courteous and scheduled an early morning Saturday appointment. I am stickler for customer service and ask A LOT of questions. Alex was 5 minutes early and took time to look at every sink, toilet, shower and water meter in the house. He determined where the leaks were coming from and which areas were ok. The estimate he gave me was explained and he provided a very accurate time estimate for the work. He completed all of the work on time and walked me through everything he did to make sure I had no questions. The work was guaranteed and my first water bill was 30% of what it was the month before! No one hopes to have additional problems, but if I do, I won't hesitate to call Peach again!